Our Team

Bill Snodgrass, RP

Pharmacist & Pharmacy Owner

Quotes from Bill:

“I really enjoy dealing with our patients,customers and our employees.”

What his customers love about Bill:

“Our customers really enjoy the service and convenience we offer and all of the services we provide.”

Mike Hamik, RP

Co-Owner USave Pharmacy Inc, 45 Years

-Owned & Operated Stores Since 1978

-52 Years in the Industry

A quote from Mike:

“I love the day to day interataction with customers.”

Bill Hamik

Partner of USave, 10 Years

-36 years with McKesson

A quote from Bill:

“I Have worked with Independent Pharmacy for over 45 years….believe in what the stores do for their Community and best example what they did for their customers during Covid.”

Diane Walters

Sales with U Save, 9 years

Diane prospects new business and does consulting with existing stores.

-McKesson Retail Sales Manager for 39 years

A quote from Diane:

“I love working with people. Pharmacy is a challenging business and helping stores maneuver the nuances is a challenge that I enjoy.”

What her customers love about her:

“Customers love that I am very thorough. If I don’t know the answer, they know I will follow up with them. Do what you say is important and will give credibility to you and your company.”

Jeff Aden

USave Field Liaison, 21 years in the Industry

A quote from Jeff:

“I enjoy working with pharmacy owners and staff helping them maximize the benefits of the USave/McKesson program and bringing new pharmacies into our group.

What Jeff’s Customers love about him:

“My customers appreciate that our relationship is about more than just business. It’s about credibility, integrity, genuine caring, and friendship.”

Kate Wirthlin

USave Field Liaison, 7 Years in the Industry

-6 Years with McKesson

What Kate does:

Works closely with new and existing customers to help nurture their business by developing sustainable strategies and actively looking for opportunities to help them evolve.

What Kate loves about her work:

“Pharmacy is a personal business. I enjoy having the ability to make a difference for our store owners, and know that my impact spans beyond their business, but to their families too.”

What her customers love about her:

“My customers appreciate my attention to detail, and my ability to consistently make them a priority. They know I genuinely care about their business and want them to succeed in every way possible.”