About Us

USave Pharmacies are part of the Health Mart Franchise

Pharmacies dedicated to delivering the most attentive customer service and expert care you can find.

“We’re pharmacy professionals who live where you live and we care deeply about making our community a healthier place.”

Who is USave?

USave helps pharmacies in the Midwest to grow through:

Superior Discounts & Management Consultation.

Where is USave?

USave Pharmacy Group consists of independent community pharmacies located in:

Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Why USave Group?

Affiliation with a network of successful local pharmacy owners who have owned profitable independent pharmacies for more than 40 years!

*Free consultation to build your business

*Learn best practices and management skills

USave founders, Bill Snodgrass, RP and Mike Hamik, RP are willing to talk through issues and concerns.

Superior group purchasing discounts

Financing and support available to buy pharmacies and grow your business